27 aprilie 2011

YOFF Award for YOFF "hunters"

This diploma will be awarded for the stations which made contacts with the activators of Romanian Reservations included in the Program. (only YOFF-001 to YOFF-026 counts for this award!)
To get the award you need to work in CW, MIXED, PHONE, DATA and/or any combination of bands.

for DX stations- 3 different YOFF

for EU stations - 5 different YOFF

for YO stations - 8 different YOFF

Also, there will be Special Awards for special YOFF events!

The request shall be sent to:

YO3JW, Fenyo Stefan, P.O.Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania or fenyo3jw@yahoo.com The Award is isued by Societatea Romana al Radioamatorilor - YOFF Group. The Award background image may be different from the one below.
To anyone who want to perform in hunting YOFF we offer a "sticker" for each group of 3 YOFF for DX, 5 YOFF for EU or 8 YOFF for YO The fee for it is 2 euro each,via mail. If it is placed on a"diploma" in electronic mode, there is no charge. If you got all 26 YOFF (WAYOFF "Worked all YOFF") you can send a request for a "trophy". (only YOFF-001 to YOFF-026 counts for this trophy!) Sorry but it is only via mail and the fee is 40 euro ! For the printed award, the fee is 5 EURO (need postal address!). There is no fee if the award is requested to be in electronic format (pdf or jpg).
Below is a diploma with stickers:

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