28 aprilie 2011

Ukrainian Mountains Award

“Ukrainian Mountains Award” was founded by Obuhov’s Radio Club “Delta”
and gives for expeditions from the mountains regions of Ukraine
or for QSOs with this expeditions.

For receiving this award you must make 1 expedition
at the mountains regions of Ukraine
or you must receive 2061 points
(2061 meters high – is the height of the biggest mountain in Ukraine – Goverla),
where 1 meter high count for 1 point.
If the expedition worked from different heights,
the points (meters) for the diploma are summation.

The mountains, the tops, mountain ranges, hills,
highlands above 200 meters high are valid for diploma.

Points valid from different Bands, different mode, different operators.

The award for SWL-stations gives for equal term.

All questions you can send to: ur7ut@mail.ru

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