27 aprilie 2011

Diploma DXFF

Work and prove that you have made contacts with stations operating in parks or nature reserves around the world (according to the official DXCC list). The basic award is issued for a minimum 10 different entities worked. For each additional group of 10 new entities a new award with a different design will be issued. The awards may be endorsed for different modes or/and bands.
Award can be obtained supplying confirmation via the WFF database (http://ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html ) or by providing copies of QSL cards received.
The award can also be delivered in electronic format as a .pdf image to be printed on your own equipment.
The fee for the first DXFF Diploma (10 entities) is 5 euros or 5 valid IRC, and is delivered in a printed format or electronicaly.
The next upgraded awards are issued free of charge if you agree to receive the award in electronic format (. pdf file). If you wish, the award can be mailed to you in printed format, and the fee will be 5 euros or 5 valid IRC each.
Apply to: fenyo3jw@yahoo.com or Stefan Fenyo Pit YO3JW, CP 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania
QSO/QSL valid after 1990 January 1st

Statiile din Romania platesc 5 RON la prima diploma tiparita sau electronica. Daca si urmatoarele diplome se doresc tiparite tariful este acelasi.

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