27 aprilie 2011


1.       The award sponsor is the Croatian Amateur Radio Association (Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez).
2.       The Worked 9A Locators Award is issued to any licensed amateur radio station, including SWLs.
3.       Contacts made with 9A stations on any band after July 5, 1992 are valid for this award.
4.       Contacts made through repeaters are not valid for this award.
5.       Only contacts made on 50 MHz and above are valid for this award.
6.       The objective of the award is to stimulate amateur radio activity from all grid squares in the Republic of Croatia.
7.       The award can be issued for three different levels, either mixed band or single band: 
3rd level – 6 grid squares minimum
2nd level – 10 grid squares minimum
1st level – all 15 grid squares
8.       Grid squares available in 9A are:
JN 64, 65
JN 72, 73, 74, 75, 76
JN 82, 83, 84, 85, 86
JN 92, 94, 95
9.       A submission of the log entries and a possession of the QSL-cards are required for the award. QSLs can be requested for verification.
10.   The award is issued for different levels and for each application a separate log entry is required.
11.   The certificate dimensions are 210 x 295 mm (8.25” x  11.6”), with level endorsement stickers.
12.   A fee for the bronze award is 5 Euro ($6 US), and 3 Euro ($4 US) for the silver and gold level endorsement. The method of payment is by direct deposit to the HRS bank account at Zagrebacka Banka, Zagreb, Croatia, account # 30101-601-16-2500-3222756.
13.   Shipping and handling is included in the award fee.
1.    All licenced and SWL radio amateurs who make a certain number of contacts with amateurs in the City of Zagreb through digital operation can qualify for the award. The contacts that qualify are the UKV, KV (including WARC bands), 6 m and 4 m.
 All digital methods applied in amateur radio activity are allowed, such as rtty,    psk31, psk63, throb, hell, mfsk, mt63, wsjt, stream, pactor, olivia, etc., according to the IARU band plan.
 2.    The number of contacts required for the qualification:
- 9A stations                                     10 contacts
- stations in Europe                             5  contacts
- stations outside Europe                     3 contacts
3.    All contacts with radio amateurs from the City of Zagreb qualify for the award.
 Only contacts made after July 5, 1992 will be accepted.
4.    Apllication for the award must be sent in a GCR-list format and must contain  all the information that are normally listed in the log. The QSL cards are not required but the manager reserves the right to demand the certificates for the contacts made by the corresponder. Two licenced radio amateurs must sign the GCR list for verification.
 Radio Club Zagreb
(for Digital Award)
Trg Žrtava fašizma 14
HR - 10000  ZAGREB
5.    The award price is 6 USD or 5 EUR; 20 KN for HRS members.
6.    The award manager is Zdravko Todorovski – 9A6ZT.
 Any additional information can be obtained by e-mail from the award manager (mailto:9a6zt@rkz.hr).


IOCA (aktivatori) 

In this moment exist 9 ranks of IOCA award:
IOCA award
chasers and SWL
Diploma and Basic sticker 
10 islands
5 islands
Bronze sticker
25 islands
10 islands
Silver sticker
50 islands
20 islands
Gold sticker
75 islands
40 islands
Diamond sticker
100 islands
50 islands
150 islands
75 islands
200 islands
100 islands
Gold Trophy
300 islands
150 islands
Diamond Trophy
400 islands
200 islands
All award winners will be include in Honor roll list of their category!
Regarding to new list of islands which has 1001 CI number extension of award ranks is foreseen and we already working on that.

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