29 aprilie 2011

YOFF 2011 Award

During the year 2011 (The International Year of Forests), you may earn the special
award from Romania: the "YOFF 2011 Let's Save The Green Planet Earth".
Rules: During the entire calendar year 2011, work at least 5 stations from different YOFF protected areas and at least 10 stations from other FF areas in 5 different countries on at least 2 continents. Requests must be received before 01.02.2012. Cost of the printed award is 5€ or 5 valid IRC's. Apply to: Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf document. Apply by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)yahoo.com Internet: http://wff-yo.blogspot.com/

Pe perioada Anului International al Padurilor 2011 se instituie diploma "YOFF 2011 Salvati Planeta Verde" Conditii pentru obtinere Statiile care doresc sa obtina aceasta diploma trebuie sa lucreze in perioada 01.01 2011 - 31.12.2011 minim 5 statii din diferite locatii in zonele protejate din Romania si 10 alte statii din diferite locatii din parcuri si rezervatii din minim 5 tari diferite in cel putin 2 continente. Cererile pot fi trimise pana la data de 01.02.2012 la: Fenyo Stefan Pit, CP 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania însotite de suma de 5 lei. Statiile non YO vor trimite 5 euro sau 5 IRC valabile. In cazul in care diploma se solicita in format electronic si se trimite in format .pdf prin internet diploma se acorda gratuit. Adresa de e-mail este fenyo3jw(at)yahoo.com

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