1 mai 2011

"Russian Baltica" Award

The Russian Baltica Award has been instituted by Russian Robinson Club and will be issued to any amateur radio operator or SWL who can provide confirmation of contacts with (or reports from) Russia's Baltic Sea Islands. Islands and groups of islands qualifying for the award are listed below.

There are three classes:
    European stations:
    • Сlass 1: 12 different islands
    • Сlass 2: 9 different islands
    • Сlass 3: 6 different islands
    DX stations:
    • Сlass 1: 7 different islands
    • Сlass 2: 5 different islands
    • Сlass 3: 3 different islands

The application must be based on the received QSL cards and be signed by two licensed amateurs verifying that QSL cards for all contacts as listed have been seen. The RBA manager reserves the right to request any specific cards to satisfy any doubt whatsoever.
The application should be sent to award manager: rn1cw@mail.ru

Award fee is $10 or €10 for each class certificate, IRCs are accepted as $1 each.

Payment through PayPal is possible. Details you can get to know from Andrey RN1CW .

Award manager address:Petushkov Andrey Aleksandrovich (RN1CW), P.O.Box 340/5, Sosnovy Bor, Leningradskaya oblast, 188540, Russia
List of islands qualifying for the award

RRA Nr IOTA Island name
RR-01-01EU-117 Malyy Vysotskiy Is.
RR-01-02EU-133Berezovyy Islands (incl. Bolshoy Berezovyy Is.)
RR-01-03EU-133Moschnyy Is.
RR-01-04EU-133Gogland Is.
RR-01-06EU-133 Kotlin Is.(incl. Fort Tolbukhin)
RR-01-07 Rybachiy Is.
RR-01-08 Fort Totleben Is. (aka Totleben Is.)
RR-01-09 Severnyy Fort Is.
RR-01-10EU-133Seskar Is.
RR-01-11EU-133Verperluda Is.
RR-01-12 Yuzhye Forty (incl. Fort Pavel Is. and Fort Milutin Is.)
RR-01-13 Polosari Islands
RR-01-14 Vysotskiy Is.
RR-01-15EU-133Kubenskiy Is.
RR-01-16 Krayniy Is.
RR-01-17EU-133 Reymosar Is.
RR-01-18 Stirsuddenskiy Is. (incl. Rifovyj Is.)
RR-01-19 Dalniy Is.
RR-01-20 Nasypnoy Is.
RR-01-21 Pribrezhnaya Kosa Islands
RR-01-22EU-133Virginy Islands
RR-01-23EU-133Bolshoy Tyuters Isl.
RR-01-24EU-133Malyj Tyuters Isl.
RR-01-25 Damba Isl.
RR-01-26EU-133Nerva Isl.
RR-01-27EU-133Bolshoy Fiskar Isl.
RR-01-28 Vetryanoj Isl.
RR-01-29 Islands near town Matrosovo
RR-01-30 Kamyshevyj Isl.
RR-01-31 Grafskiye Islands

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