1 mai 2011


The AMRS AWARD is an official award of ÖVSV, published by the AUSTRIAN MILITARY RADIO SOCIETY (AMRS) and considered of being one of the nicest looking awards in Austria. If you would like to fight for it, here are the rules.

Award rules:

1. You need a score of 20 points (Austrians need 30 points)

2. Valid are all contacts since January 1 th, 1961

3. Every AMRS member may be worked as often as you like but counts only 1 (one) point. BUT WATCH OUT.
!! There is an exception (see point 6) !!

4. Worked AMRS Club Stations, Contest Stations and Special Event Calls, will count 2 (two) Points. As already mentioned in pt. 2 " Valid are all contacts since January 1 th 1961 " we have them listed below! OE50AMRS, OE1XBH, OE1XRC, OE1XRC/90KK, OE1C, OE2XCW, OE2XCW/90KK, OE50XCW, OE2XRM, OE2XRM/90KK, OE50XRM, OE2M, OE3XBH, OE3XMA, OE50XMA, OE3XRC, OE3XRC/90KK, OE3C, OE3K, OE4A, OE4XLC, OE4XRC, OE4XRC/90KK, OE50XRC, OE4C, OE5XAM, OE5XAM/90KK, OE50XAM, OE5XCL, OE5XCL/90KK, OE50XCL, OE7XBH, OE7XBH/90KK, OE7XBH/WM05, OE7B, OE7F, OE8XBH, OE8XRC/90KK, OE2008B, OE2008C, OE2008P

5. “AMRS“ stations abroad either on military duty or even on vacation somewhere in the world counts for 3 (three) points. QSOs with an “AMRS“ station via satellite or EME count also 3 (three) points

6. If you work an certain AMRS member on DIFFERENT locations, EACH contact gives you 1 (one) or even MORE POINTS. e.g.:

OE8HFL (located in AUSTRIA) 1 Point
OE8HFL/5B4 (located in CYPRUS) 3 Points
5B4IJ (= OE8HFL) (located in CYPRUS) 3 Points
YK/OE8HFL (located in SYRIA) 3 Points

As a matter of fact you were working always the same operator “OE8HFL“ but you are getting 10 (ten) points for it. It's the callsign plus location what counts and NOT the operator!

7. The award may be worked by any licensed- or SWL station over the world. Any mode or band would be OK. This includes ALL the different digital modes as well - PACKET RADIO und ECHOLINK are NOT accepted.

8. One my apply for it in SINGLE- or MIXED mode.
Please send your application together with an excerpt of your LOG signed by 2 (two) fellow HAMs of your own choice to the AMRS AWARD Manager:

Karl SEEMANN OE011-0367
Gussriegelstrasse 45

Costs for the AWARD: 8 (eight) EURO or 15 (fifteen) US-DOLLAR. IRCs will not be accepted!
In certain cases the award manager ask you for the presentation of your QSLs.

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