1 mai 2011


This certificate is awarded for working or hearing amateurs in European countries for a total score of at least 100 points.
Scoring: the idea is to work or hear as many European countries on different bands in different calendar years. There are no restrictions as to bands or modes.
Annual score: each confirmed country of WAE-Countrylist counts one point per year on each amateur band. Only the current and the five previous years are valid. Contacts older than five years are no longer countable
Total score: sum of the annual score for the year of application and the five preceding years.

Each certificate holder with an actual score of at least 300 points becomes eligible for the Honor Roll, which is published regularly in "CQ DL",and on the homepage of the DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting.
Cards can be submitted eeach year, before December 1st to be considered for listing in the Honor Roll.

EUROPE 300 TROPHY (Plaque)
Holders of the Europe Award may obtain the Europe 300 Trophy. Applicants must achieve 300 country points. Each country on each band counts only once in all the years. Example: 50 countries on 6 bands = 300 points. 10 countries on 9 bands + 20 countries on 6 bands + 15 countries on 5 bands +  5 countries on 3 bands = 300 points.
Franz Berndt, DL9GFB
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 1
D-18209 Bad Doberan

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